Tibetan Music Awards 2003 10 October 2003, TIPA, Mcleod Ganj, India

The award statuette - Lhamo Yangchen ma (Saraswati)

The Winners of the first-ever Tibetan Music Awards

  • Best Love Song མཛའ་གཞས་རྩེ་ཕུད།
    • Zepay Rinzin Wangmo by Thupten Samdup Montreal, Canada
      (A song from the first album released by TIPA in 1979)
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  • Best Album སྐད་འཁོར་རྩེ་ཕུད།
    • Rangzen Shonu
      (Album released in 1987)
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  • Best New Traditional Song སྲོལ་རྒྱུན་གཞས་གཏོང་མཁན་རྩེ་ཕུད།
    • Losar by Techung California, US
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  • Best Composition སྙན་འཇེབས་ལྡན་པའི་ གཞས་རྩེ་ཕུད།
    • Nga Chi la Thon yong by Yadong Kham, Tibet
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  • གཞས་ཚིག་རྩེ་ཕུད། Best Lyrics
    • Aku Pema by Palgon Amdo, Tibet
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  • Best Fusion གནའ་དེང་འདྲེས་མ་རྩེ་ཕུད།
  • Best Opera Singer རྣམ་ཐར་གཏོང་མཁན་རྩེ་ཕུད།
  • Best Act from Tibet-in-exile
  • Best Act from Tibet
  • Best Female Singer གཞས་མ་རྩེ་ཕུད།
    • Pasang Dolma TIPA, Dharamshala, India
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  • Best Male Singer གཞས་པ་རྩེ་ཕུད།
    • Yadong Kham, Tibet
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  • Lifetime Achievement Award ཚེ་གང་གཞས་དང་རོལ་དབྱངས་ཐོག་བྱས་རྗེས་ཡོད་པ།
    • Norbu Tsering TIPA, Dharamshala, India, Retired opera master
  • Free Spirit Award
    • Richard Gere
      This award was created in 2003 to honour and show appreciation for the works of artistes and supporters of Tibet working for the cause of Tibetan people. The first award was presented to Richard Gere for his relentless and unmatched contributions towards the cause of Tibetan people, world peace, and environmental issues, and campaign against the spread of AIDS.


Thanks to Amiata Media and many others for their support in the first Tibetan Music Awards 2003.

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