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Tibetan Freedom Concert
Ben Sollee and Nawang Khechog

19-20 May 2013
Brown Theater
Benefit for the Drepung Gomang Institute.
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Peace in Tibet
Techung and Lhasa Spirits with New Orleans' Africa Brass

18 May 2013
Afternoon, Lakefront Arena; 8pm, Old US Mint
New Orleans, US
Sold out.
"A Concert for Peace in Tibet, In Honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama",
during the historic visit of the Dalai Lama to New Orleans.
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Peace in Tibet
Techung - North American Tour

3 May, Los Angeles
4 May, Berkeley
10 May, Minneapolis
12 May, Chicago
26 May, Rockport poster

Sukyi Nyima
Techung, TIPA, and Emory University

6 April 2013
Cannon Chapel, Emory University
Sukyi Nyima is one of Tibet's most famous ache lhamo, a popular folk traiditon comprising dazzling masks, sumptuous costumes, fast-paced acrobatics, graceful dancing, and operatic singing, all performed in the round.
Directed by Tashi Sharzur (aka Techung), Emory's artiste affiliate in both Tibetan Dance and Tibetan Music. Performers from Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), Dharamshala, India, and from Emory's Tibetan dance and music classes. There will be an introduction by Tibetan scholar, author, and past Director of TIPA, Jamyang Norbu. poster

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