Kharag Penpa

Kharag Penpa, Tibetan musician

Kharag Penpa is a Tibetan musician and traditional performing artiste in Song, Instrument, Dance, and Opera 'Lhamo'. He is also a Composer, Music Producer, and Teacher of Tibetan Traditional Performing Arts.

Music Genres: Traditional Tibetan Music / World / Tibetan Pop / Crossover / World / New Age / Meditation Music

He has been President of Tibetan music label Kharag Studio since 2015. He is president of Kharag Institute for Tibetan traditional culture and arts since 2017.

Kharag Penpa bases his music on the Tibetan tradition, and continues to promote Tibetan Music and Culture to the world. At the same time he also keeps trying new things with contemporary music like Crossover and New Age.

He performed as Official Invitational Performer with many of the Korean Provincial or Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestras, such as National Gugak Centre, ChungAng Traditional Orchestra, Gyeonggi, Gyeongbuk, Gwangju, Daegu, Ansan, and Yeongnam.

He performed as Official Invitational Performer in many kinds of concerts, including music, culture, art festivals, world music, celebrations, and fundraising concerts in South Korea and India.

He has performed and promoted Tibetan Music and Culture more than 500 times in the 10 years from 2007 to 2017 in South Korea.


Kharag Penpa was born as the son of a farmer and a Tibetan nomad in Jangthang Chumur, India. His mother's name is Demey Dolma and father is Ngodup Gyatso.

In 1996 he graduated from Tibetan Children's Village School (SOS TCV), Ladakh, India. From 1996 to 1999 he attended the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), Dharamsala in India, and graduated with honors (1st Grade), with a Diploma in Teacher Training Course (TTC) in "Traditional Tibetan Dance, Music and Opera".

1999~2007 | 8 years worked as Teacher about Tibetan Traditional Music, Dance and Opera for Tibetan Children & teenager students in Tibetan Children's Villiage School (UTCV), Dharamshala, India.
2004 | Debut as a Tibetan singer. Released first Album Zhi Bde, Kyi Po (Peace and Happiness).
2005 | Best Lyrics Award of Tibetan Music Awards 2005.
2007 | Best Album Cover Award of Tibetan Music Awards 2007.
2005~2007 | Produced and Performed Tibetan Music Time, a Tibetan Music and Culture Concert, every Friday for the tourist audience at Yongling School Hall, Dharamshala, India.
2007 | Entry to South Korea as CPI (Cultural Partnership Initiative) Program of AMAFeK( Art Major Faculty Exploring K-ARTS).
2008~2012 | 4 years studied as Art Major Asian (AMA) Full Scholarship Student. Major in Korean Traditional Music Composition, Korea National University of Arts (KNUA) in Seoul, Korea.
2012 | Graduated with Bachelor of Traditional Arts degree, (KNUA).
2008~2013 | 5 years produced and performed Hand-To-Hand Project Fundraising Busking Concert every Saturday to the audience of South Korea to help the Tibetan Children in Ladakh.
2011~2014 | 3 years worked as a Performer and Multicultural Workshop Instructor of Montant Multicultural and Transnational Singing Group (Social Enterprise), South Korea.
2016 | Gold Award of The 1st UCC Contest of "Commitee for the Promotional of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Visit to Korea" : Title - An Open Heart / Music Composer and Music Producer.
2016 | Released 5th Regular Album, Waiting for the Light (World, New age, Meditation, Tibetan Music Genre) and 5th Album Release Showcase concert.
2016 | 3rd Award in Celebration Composing Song Contest for Centenary Anniversary of Men-Tsee-Khang.
2016 | Produced and Launched his Project Concert Tour for promoting Tibet, Tibetan Music and Culture / Dewa Project Charity Concert 2016 for building the Children's library in Ladakh / Tour Concerts at Ladakh and Dharamshala / Tibetan Nomad Music Tour 2016 Concert Tour total 30 times in 2016 for introducing and promoting Tibetan Music, Culture, and Tibet. He performed a nationwide tour concert 22 times for the audience of South Korea, a tour concert 8 times for the tourist audience of Ladakh and Dharamshala, India. And also for the entertainment of Tibetan elderly people in SOS TCV Ladakh Old People's Home (Gen So Khang).
2017 | 2017 Sejong Festival X Seoul Music Week, International Music Showcase Festival Official Selection Showcase Performer.

After his debut in 2004, as a Tibetan Singer, Kharag Penpa released five Regular Albums: three in India, two in Korea



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