Lhamo Dolma

Lhamo Dolmo

Lhamo Dolma was born in 1979 in Ba Serkhang in Amdo. She studied in the same village and later studied from Prof. Demchok in Xining.

She escaped in to exile in India in 2000 and was in Dharamshala in September of the same year. She was in Sogar School for eight months, after which she joined the Aku Pema Performing Arts troupe in Delhi, to be with them till March 2002.

Her mother and grandmother are well-known Amdo folk singers. Her grandmother sings without hindrance even in her advanced age, and her mother has a vast repertoire. Lhamo grew up in such an environment, learning Amdo songs from her childhood.

Lhamo continues to rehearse and practice her skills; she also would like to learn Da-nyen (Tibetan lute) and Piwang (an instrument close to fiddle).

So far she has performed in Bodh Gaya, Delhi, Dharamshala, Dickeyling, and Kathmandu. Her first album was released in September 2003.

  • Gang ri'i chi mig, 2003.


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