Namgyal Choeyang

Namgyal Choeyang

Namgyal Choeyang was born in Dickey Larsoe Tibetan settlement Bylakuppe in South India in 1972. He studied at the Central School for Tibetans Bylakuppe but studied only up class VIII. He dropped school to join the Tibetan army under the Indian army system where he served for 11 years.

He was interested in music from his early childhood. He could get involved seriously with music after joining the band 'The Buds of Tibet' during his service in the army. He performed in numerous concerts with the band.

His first album Tamsang was released in 2000 and his second album Bodkyi Gyalshung has his old Jazz band friends from Delhi featured in it. In 2003, he composed a solo album Tamsang II, recorded in Nepal but is yet to be released. He made a VCD of Tamsang II, all shot in Bylakuppe. The VCD will be in the market soon.

Namgyal got discharged from army and is now settled in Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement. He formed a musical band "Boe Kyob Rolyang" (Save Tibet Band) with four of his friends from the same settlement.

He has visions of making more albums in the coming years and is eager to start a small music school in Bylakuppe. Besides, he would like to give as many concerts as possible.

  • Tamsang, 2000
  • Tamsang II,


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