News :: 2007

Namgyal Gonpo passes away

Namgyal Gonpo

A file photo of Namgyal Gonpo taken in September 2006 in Dharamshala, India.

Namgyal Gonpo Ronge a.k.a Nami died unexpectedly earlier this month in Kathmandu from a heart attack. He was 61. Nami was the joke-partner of Tawo Lobsang Palden in the album Trinkhor I, released in 1985.

Nami amused a whole nation with his wonderful jokes, which are still heard in and outside of Tibet. For many, Nami's presence alone was a guarantee of wonderful and joyful moments. He was also known for his generosity and courage.

Nami and Palden had planned to meet in July 2007 and record another album with some new jokes and songs. However, this was not meant to be.

Nami was born in Chamdo in Kham, eastern Tibet. He was a Thangka painter by profession.

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