Penpa Tsering

Penpa Tsering

Penpa Tsering, a world-class musician, singer and dancer, was born in Tibet in 1963. He undertook an arduous 27-day trek over the Himalayas to Nepal. In 1989, he went to India where he was invited to join the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in Dharmsala as a teacher and performer. During this time he toured to Japan, Thailand, Nepal and Finland.

While in India he also worked for two years in Dehli at Chushi Gangdruk Institute for Performing Arts.

Now Penpa makes his home in the United States, exposing Americans to his intriguing culture. His presentation includes performances on sixteen different traditional instruments, including strings, pipes and horns; dance demonstrations and explanations of Tibetan philosophy and religion – a totally captivating performance.

  • Gangtruk, 1999
  • Pang-gyen Metok, 1999