Tsering Gyurmey

Tsering Gyurmey

Tsering Gyurmey is one of the well-known traditional and contemporary Tibetan singers based in Nepal. He has played an instrumental role in making contemporary Tibetan music what it is today in the exile Tibetan community.

He was born in Darjeeling in Northeast India, and was trained at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in Mcleod Ganj, India.

His first album Tsawai Lama in 1997 became an instant hit. Since then he has produced an album almost every year. Over the course of his career he has performed around the world, and still continues to tour.

  • Trung Trung Karmo, 2011
  • Dewa
  • Jamtse
  • Katrin Drenkul
  • Dekar Shepa and Losar Songs (with Tenzin Dhundup), 2002
  • Pawo Thupten Ngodup
  • Phama, 1999
  • Thorang Kargyen, 1999
  • Ballads of Old Tibet, 1999
  • Tsawai Lama, 1997

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